Prestige HD
Home Comfort System


__▪ High-Definition, Full Color Display, Visual clarity of

___the display is 3 times better than typical thermostats
__▪ Temperature Control on Demand sense and make

___adjustments from anywhere in the home (With
___Portable Comfort Control)

__▪ Controls temperature and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ

___products) such as humidification, dehumidication
___and air filtration all from a single control

__ No hidden doors or complex buttons

__ Consumers rated it 10 times easier to use than

___other thermostats

__▪ Settings to display in English, Spanish or French

__▪ Temperature Control on Demand, sense and make

___adjustments from anywhere in the home
___(With Portable Comfort Control)

__ Can display outside temperature and humidity when

___used with the Wireless Outdoor Sensor

__ High Definition (color) or SD- Standard Definition




VisionPRO 8000


__▪ Temperature Range (C): 4.5 C to 32 C in heat;

__▪ 10 C to 37 C in cool

__▪ Electrical Ratings: 20 to 30 Vac or 750 mV

__▪ Frequency: 50/60 Hz

__▪ 7 day day programming or non-programmable

__▪ Mounting: Horizontal

__▪ Changeover: Auto/Manual selectable

__▪ Stages: Up to 1 heat/1 cool

__▪ Operating Humidity Range: 5 to 90% RH

__▪ Sensor Element: Thermistor

__▪ Display Size: 10 sq. in.

__▪ Warranty: 5 year warranty

__▪ Time setting is retained even during a power failure

__▪ 7 day multiple day programming

__▪ Includes menu driven programming guides

__▪ Modify the schedule indefinitely or for specific time

Affinity 9.C & 8.C Modulating Gas Furnace

FocusPRO 6000
5-1-1/5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat




__▪ Easy-to-read in various lighting conditions.
___(Also available in smaller standard screen size)

__ Maintains consistent comfort to the highlest level

___of accuracy

__ Can be placed anywhere in the home without running

___wires or cutting into your walls

__ Flip-out door allows for easy battery replacement

___without removing or disassembling the thermostat

__▪ Simple, pull-out instruction manual

__▪ Program to save up to 33 percent on annual heating

___and cooling costs (if used as directed, savings may

___vary depending on geographic region and usage)