Building Maintenance

Preserve your Building Investment and Reduce Operating Costs with HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Comfortable work space is essential to maintain a high level of efficiency from your employees. Coupling that with running your hvac systems at the most energy efficient level requires a special balance. VTM Mechanical can help set your comfort levels to gain the most effective use of your energy dollars and still provide your employees and customers with a balanced environment. HVAC building equipment is normally one of your largest investments. We have found that many building owners are not maintaining their investments with proper maintenance. “Run to failure” is not an uncommon method of operation. Team Facilities helps cure this problem by setting up preventive maintenance schedules to keep your most important building investment reliable in the coldest of winters and the hottest of summers.


Power is what keeps everything running. Electrical failures normally happen at the worst possible time. VTM Mechanical will monitor your building power distribution to assure electrical panels are not overloaded and are kept accessible. We also assure panels are wired as required by the National Electric Code to prevent potential fire hazards. We provide preventive maintenance schedules for all auxiliary power systems to verify the equipment is ready to run when needed.


Elevators for either people or freight need to be reliable and safe. In Canada,requirements that elevators be inspected and load tested. Documentation must be kept as to all maintenance completed on a specific elevator. Team Facilities works with licensed elevator companies to assure all proper maintenance is completed and documented to avoid any citations or unsafe conditions.