High-performance cooling while reducing energy use!

Inefficient HVAC systems drain cash flow without improving indoor climate

Maximizing the energy efficiency of your facility’s HVAC system!

Maintenance plans allow technicians to pinpoint problems before they turn into costly repairs.

District heating

District heating also known as heat networks or teleheating is a system for distributing heat generated in a centralized location for commercial heating requirements such as space heating and water heating.

district cooling

District cooling delivers chilled water to buildings like offices and factories needing cooling. In winter, the source for the cooling can often be sea water, so it is a cheaper resource than using electricity to run compressors for cooling.

control system

A control system is a device, or set of devices, that manages, commands, directs or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems. Industrial control systems are used in industrial production for controlling equipment or machines.

Thermal comfort

Maintaining thermal comfort for occupants of buildings is one of the important goals of VTM Mechanical. The thermal environment is important for its own sake and because it influences productivity and health.

60% of a building's energy costs are typically spent on Heating and Air Conditioning.

While these services are critical to the smooth operation of a building and to the comfort of its occupants, they are also big consumers of energy and financial resources. In recognition of this,
we have developed a service strategy that focuses on delivering reliable Heating and Air
Conditioning services while reducing cost.

Implementing a Heating & Ventilation strategy for every customer.

Heating & Ventilation are critical to the operation of a building but can also be a big consumer of energy. It is our responsibility to ensure a building’s heating and ventilating systems function reliably and efficiently to enable the occupants to carry out their jobs in comfort. Our strategy is to determine and implement an intelligent operation and maintenance programme individually tailored to the building and to the occupant’s particular requirements.